Happiness is ...

to be able to smile and laugh also part of happiness 😁

Few days ago I met new friends. They are friends of my friend. I helped them for their competition. It's good to know them since the way they think about something is unique and quite close to mine. Until one of them ask me :

'What is happiness for you?'

I told them that for me happiness is when I stop compare myself with others and not being compared with anybody else (well, you can compare me with others but don't tell me if you do haha!). I used to compare myself with people. For following their success path might be ok, but for having the same life as theirs who seen successful and happy, I don't think so. So I stop to compare myself with others and it make me feel enough. I feel more relax, since I don't have to pretend or to be somebody else. I feel more 'me' because I only think about me and free to do what I want to do (or to think what I want to think).

But one of them said 'For me happiness is when you can breathe, eat, sleep, and poop' 😂 That give me idea about how happy I am when I can poop everyday effortlessly. Sorry if this is sounds so disgusting, but I do mean it 😂

So... what is happiness for you? 😁


  1. Ketika Keenan gak minta jajan ke Indomaret.......

    1. Tak rasa2in jajan di indomart ya abis banyak lho, jd aku paham kebahagiaanmu mas 😂


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