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Strolling Around Oldtown : Istanbul

Pardon me for silly English

little cafe

We both love history, but his knowledge about history much deeper than I have (for sure).

We spent our first days by strolling around Oldtown, where Haghia Sophia (Ayasofya), Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Galata tower and another iconic things in Istanbul exist (including those corn sellers. This is what I am going to miss about Istanbul actually).

authentic Istanbul

We arrived in Istanbul a day before, at around 7pm I believe, then we walked around to have dinner. That was the first time I ate the corn. I like that kind of corn, and I am too hungry to walk that far from hotel to find a good place to eat (instead, it was a 'zonk'!), so let say this corn is kind of appetizer before dinner (and become our daily snack during the day).

haghia sophia (ayasofya) dari rooftop restoran

blue mosque


First we walk around Column of Constantine and Nourusmaniye mosque. There are so many birds in Column of Constantine. And the mosque is close to it. Close to the grand bazaar gate as well (there are so many gates of grand bazaar).

column of Constantine

sekitar grand bazaar, sepi karena libur Idul Adha


open air mosque 

sekitar Istanbul universitas

grand bazaar

sepi, masih libur idul adha


Then we walked to Ayasofya and blue mosque. There was a hippodrome there. Small pieces of hippodrome wall is left there, the rest was damaged. Imagine yourself standing there, in a place where history happened... horse racing and all of those stuff going on. Well hmm maybe it is just me who feels that weird way πŸ˜• but that was amazing really.




medusa (Basilica Cistern)

I saw some fountains there, and an Egyptian Obelisk (dunno why and how it is there), another monument which we believe that a lot of people try to climb it and died there. Well...uhmm.. at least that was he read..

tembok hippodrome yang tersisa (sejenis coloseum di Roma)

sekitar Galata 

Galata bridge 

Galata tower

We walked around neighborhood, small roads, getting lost, tired of course but a lot fun. I really love this oldtown of Istanbul. And oh! Istanbul is the city of cats 😽

craziest cat, paling berisik, paling seducing





  1. Saya komentar pakai bahasa Indonesia aja ya mbak. Soalnya saya cuma bisa bahasa english little-little :))

    Keren banget Istanbul mbak. Saya jadi pengen ikut honeymoon trip nya *eh *maaf becanda mbak haha :D

    Udah lama saya pengen jalan-jalan ke luar negeri, tetapi belum pernah kesampaian hingga sekarang -_-

    1. haha jangan ikut mas, ntr mupeng ikutan hanimun haha

      nabung mas nabung! semangat nabung! trus dipikirintiap hari biar diapprove sama yang kuasa trus jalan deh! asik lho nambah ilmu itu. semangat ya! *kok jadi kayak aku ceramahin ya haha

  2. PRIS
    You really make me envy. Its wonder you travell with who you love so much.
    Cakep beneranda Turki yak, look like a clasic-warm town

    1. No need May! You can do it with someone you love and trust me it is amazing to travel together 😚

      Iya cakep bener old town nya, masih bau bau sejarah macem sisa2 bizantium otoman duh krasa bgt wis pokoe. You have to come!

  3. Aseekk mbake pake bahasa inggris.. Menarik mbak.. Jadi ngiri pngin bkn juga.
    Maenlah ke punyaku

    1. Yaudah buruan bikin.... ini juga masih diketawain suamik haha


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