Minggu, 28 Mei 2017

Finding The Sun in Borobudur


We made plan to see the sunrise in Borobudur. Well.. Sunrise always good for making photos. Since we didn't stay in Manohara hotel which is FULLY BOOKED, we plan to join the sunrise borobudur next morning through this gate. Including ticket from this hotel.

The price for sunrise is quiet expensive than the normal one. I think it is always like that right?

We planned to wake up early, around 4 to get the Manohara entrance. Those guys are not morning people, but they have to wake up for the sunrise.

At 4 am in the morning, we met in front of our room and then we walked to Manohara hotel (about 10mins walk). Not so many people there (but the hotels are fully booked!), maybe because we came too early. Queue up to get the ticket, and the staff asked me 'Are you still Indonesian?, marrying foreigner doesn't mean make me automatically become foreigner huh!

So I paid Indonesian price for me, and he paid for foreigner price. We bought some snacks and tea/coffee to warm up the body, then we got the torch and then we go to climb the temple. After 15 mins on top of the temple, a lot of people coming.

tik tok tik tok tik tok..... at 6 am and the sun not coming yet. Where the hell the sun is???

Then HJ said that you have to wait at least till 6.30 or 7 to get some good photos because the mist will always be there. Okay we wait for awhile. Looking around the temple, try to digest what is the meaning of the relief there although for me it's like 'hmmm apa ya iniiii?', but still ok. I like it.

Flavio and his gf going down first to get the snacks and coffee that are provided from the hotel (ticket). Then his gf back to our hotel since she felt something wrong with her body. Well.. it can happen for pregnant women. And Flavio back to Borobudur while HJ and I tried to capture in some spots. We got some good photos and we walked down for the snacks. Flavio follow us after.

Well... for me, I love temples. Temples are always cute. Ok cute here on my own definition. The temples are magic, you know. Like Something magical that always make me think, 'how could they built something like this? how to put the stones here?', and many other questions.

But for Borobudur, it is good to come and see it at least once in your life. So stunning with the combination of stones and sun. But, this is always be the main destination for travelers, or for students who are on holiday. I remember, this also become our destination when I was at 6 grade. Like I said, after 7 am, this temple is gone. I mean, what will you see isn't the stones or the temple, but the students or little kids who try to take selfie in the top of temple haha!

Good to wake up early huh?

all photos are taken by me


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