Senin, 16 Juli 2018

Chased By Ex(es) ?

Leave the past in the past and face what's in front of you

There is one article in newspaper here that said people who become friend with their ex(es) are psychopath. But I am not gonna say that they are psychopaths. I have my own reasons why you should not become friend with ex(es). 

There are so many kind of ex(es). The one that still love to encounter your new life without them, the one that still come after you, the one that want to destroy your new life because they can't have you, the one that want to be friend after becoming ex, and the one that doesn't give a shit anymore (it's me!). And maybe there are other more reasons...

I am the one that doesn't give a shit anymore once it's done. Why? Doesn't it sound mean? NOPE! Because for me, what is the point of keep encountering other people's life and bringing back those memories back into a new life? I don't see the point.

My ex, tried to contact me many times since we broke up. I don't understand why? After all pain I felt, tried for years to heal myself from those pains, and why suddenly contacting me and talked about all times we had together? Do you ever think that slightest memory in the past that I want to forget, can bring back all those pain I felt for years?

Maybe he want to be a friend again, or maybe he want to go back together again, or maybe and other maybe(s) that I don't know.

The thing is why I want to be with him again after all pains? I am not gonna do the same mistake. Even though we are going back again together, fixing what was wrong, the relationship won't be the same again. There will be things I worried that he or me will do the same mistake like previous relationship we had. I got back with him after broke up but what I was worried was right. It wasn't the same relationship like we had before, there was a deep wound that we can't fix and it just made me unhappy. So I decided to stop and move on.

But that is me. The reasons I never come back with my ex. But people will think differently. Some of them think they can be friend after 'special' relationship over or think that relationship deserve the second chance. For some of them it works, but for some of them going back to ex never work. I choose not to go back to my ex again because once the trust is broken, it will always remain broken. And I choose not to have any contact with my ex anymore.

So, if my ex read this, it's enough for us had a hard relationship before, we probably healed by now. But things won't remain the same. I clearly said in the beginning that I can't keep in touch with ex and if you find me didn't reply any of your messages, you should be understand that I don't want to bring any of my memories from the past. I have my new life with new person, and I am sure we deserve to be happy with somebody else.

Being in a relationship will always be challenging. Don't bother it with memories from the previous relationship. Your partner doesn't deserve that.

Just a thought 😊

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  1. Wkwkwkwk, aku mah wes putus yo putus wae. Nek konconan gak popo, balek ojo.

    Mbak ati-ati, ndak ciblok. Wes gede jek dolan sawah wae


    1. aku ora pati iso konconan karo mantan mas. sakitnya itu membekas di dengkul wkwkkw

      lhooo sawahe iku akeh bule ganteng e makane di dolen e nyang sawah hahaha


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