Selasa, 10 Juli 2018

Do We Need To Use A Plastic Straw?

Both I bought in Bali, the stainless was bought in Menjangan, the bamboo was bought in Little Talks Ubud

As we all know, plastic is one of the best inventions in the world. Unfortunately, this is becoming our main problem now. Too many plastic wastes that threaten the future of this earth. Here I am relying on people who work for biodegradable plastic. I hope that will works.

There are mostly two arguments about the usage of straw. Some people said that they use straw for medical and hygienic reasons. Some of them say they don't need to use the straw. For those who said that they need a straw for the medical reason, I can understand it. I can also understand how people need it for hygienic reason. They don't trust people enough that they clean the glass properly. As well as they might not clean up the spoon, fork, knife, and plate properly.

Everybody has their own reason. The thing is can they replace the plastic straw with something reusable if they can't live without straw?

When we went to Menjangan, this resort provides a very eco-friendly resort with less plastic usage. I don't need to explain how bad the plastic waste recently right? I just want to encourage people to use the reusable straw if they really need the straw. It could be stainless steel straw, could be the one from bamboo (I have them all). One straw cost at least 15k-20k. Such a cheap price for a lifetime straw.

How to clean up the straw? Put a little bit more effort to do that because when you use it for drinking thick yogurt, and not directly wash it, believe me, you will need to put a little bit extra effort to clean up. Could use some hot water or boil the straw, and use the brush for straw (which I just ordered today, cost 15k-40k depend on how beautiful the package is). But this isn't the problem right? You also wash your spoon and fork, then why not with your straw? (I start to imagine bringing my own spoon fork knife to eat in the restaurant 😯).

From the economic perspective, it might bring some lost for entrepreneurs who use plastic as their main sector, but self-awareness is also needed. Aware of how using plastic too much is threatening the world. It is happening now.

Two options: Let your kids suffer in a very bad world in future or try to save it now!


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