[How we met] Me and Maya

10:23 PM

She is one of my best. Call her Maya. Teman seperjuangan lah istilahnya ya, dari jaman SMP, SMA, Kuliah bahkan setelah lulus. We met when we were 14. Sorry, I mean I was 14 and she was 15 (she will get mad if I mention about the age difference hahah). Age is just a number anyway. 

First time I knew her when we were classmate in 8th grade of middle high school. At that time, that was the best class. Yea I can tell I was smart (even now hahaha), and she does. So we were a classmate since then. Almost everyone knows her since she is really good at English. Always ‘on duty’ for English debate or something like that. But ok, first impression wasn’t good for both of us. Really. 

My first impression when I saw her like ‘hmm, can you shut up?? You are so noisy’. But her for me ‘hmm she is the daughter of teacher here, she must be so arrogant. Ihh I don’t want to make a friend with her’. Nah not so good for both of us. Both of us never want to be a friend each other. Till something happen. I will write in Indonesian so I can get the feeling hahaha

Suatu ketika ada PR matematika kelas 2 SMP. Kebetulan mata pelajaran itu ada di jam setelah istirahat. Jadi masih ada waktu sebelum istirahat untuk mengerjakannya. Kebetulan lagi, dia belum mengerjakan dan saya sudah mengerjakan. Banyak yang nyontek PR saya, terus dia nanya ke saya, pengen nyontek juga, ehhh saya bentak-bentak dia. Akhirnya dia juga ngerasa marah dong. Ngerasa kayak nggak dihargai gitu, dan saya juga waktu itu bad mood banget, eh ditanyain begituan sama dia. Yawes kita nggak ngobrol banget dan nggak saling tegur sapa akrab. Sampai ketika suatu saat kenaikan kelas 3, eh kita sekelas lagi. 

Feels like ‘ehh why we are in same class again now?’. But yeah, seems that destiny of us is started. That time, we both already forget about the things happen in last year, but still we can’t be a friend yet. I sat next to other friend and she was my classmate since 7th grade. So we were 3 years in the same classroom in middle high, call her Novia but I call her Dora (she is one of my best friend as well, will write about her next time). I choose to sit next to her since I know her better than knowing Maya. She sat down next to other person but they didn’t have a good conversation since that time, her friends only talk about having boyfriend while she is not really into it. So she came to my group, me and Dora. Actually we are 5. Me, Maya, Novia, Radin, Dina. This friendship is began when we were 14.

Time runs so fast. We were preparing for studying in university. Novia choose to be a midwife, while Radin choose to study English, Dina choose to study psychology, but Radin and Dina wasn’t so sure that they will be accepted in good university in Malang. The same university that we choose. Maya actually doesn’t really sure if she can study at university but I don’t know why, that time I told her  “hey, don’t worry, we will be accepted in same university, we will live in same house in Malang. Trust me. Just believe we can make it”. And finally we saw the announcement and we both got accepted in same university. Me studying mathematics and her studying Deutch.

That is why I believe why we have to be so optimist, positive and really sure that we can make something happen. Dan terkadang omongan yang asal ceplas ceplos itu kejadian beneran lho.

Finally, for another years we were living in same roof, in Malang. Yeah, know each other for years already and then for another years when we were studying at same university. It just like a miracle. Where I could find someone (and some people actually), who doesn’t have a blood ties but feels like family more.
No no, our relationship is not as smooth as we can imagine. I mean, even we are very close to each other, but we are normal people who have problems as well. We were mad to each other, were crazy to same thing together, were doing every things together, were having bad and good times together, we all feel it. Smile, laugh, confuse, crazy, tears, we all feel it. Yes yes we feel it together. It doesn’t like ‘oh you both so close to each other, but why you both feel angry to each other? You have to be nice to each other’. It is life and we live our life. We don’t have drama in life (she likes to dramatize it sometimes, but that’s her and that’s the reason why she have me hahaha).

I didn’t have boyfriend when I live in Malang. Had it when I was studying at university but then broke up and wasn’t in a relationship for years. So we always be together all the time. At university, when we were hang out, even when we are teaching together in same institute. Well…doesn’t mean I don’t have any other friends. We both have, and we know almost all our friends, but yes I am with her all the time till our friends and colleagues asked “ARE YOU BOTH LESBIAN????? I NEVER SEE YOU HAVE BOYFRIEND AT ALL”. Oh no!!!! I don’t have boyfriend but doesn’t mean I am lesbian. Even if I am lesbian, I will chose someone better than her hahahah!!

We both enjoy the time together. Also become crazy together, learn everything together, we have the same thoughts together till it’s like when we saw something, we knew what’s on our mind. It must be the same things on mind. I don’t know why and how, but it like the ties getting deeper, since I consider her like my own sister (OLDER SISTER). She is wise person (but sometimes I am wiser hahah). I know her well and so does her, knows me well. Yes like a family.

We had quarrels a lot but we also have a good and crazy time together, even more often. We all just a human being. Always try to be nice and respect to each other. And of course, love to each other as a best friend.

You know how I always make you upset, make you questioning things, but I never have any intention to do that.

I am sorry for always make you worry, and thank you for always loving me as your family.

Dedicated to my beloved friend, Maya.

 picture was taken last week

*merasa aneh memanggil NAMAMU MAYA*

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  1. Bahasa inggrisnya bagus mbak. Kuliah jurusan bahasa inggris yah?

    Cuman keliatan banget, inggrisnya versi Indonesia, hahaha.

    Orag popo mbak

    1. Huahahahahahah iya mas masih sering diomelin si pacar gara2 enggresnya amburadyulll hahahahah
      Yg pnting brani yakkk hehehe
      Kuliah jurusan angka2 mas hoho

    2. Dih, matematik-__-'

      Ngomong mah gak perlu grammar, gak peduli apapun accentnya yang penting yang diajak ngomong mudeng. Inggris saya aja javanese english, hahaha

      yu no lah wot ai min...

    3. Nah iyaaa bener, klo masih ga paham juga bs pake bhsa tubuh kok ahahaah

      Ai no wat you min mennnn


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