Minggu, 05 Oktober 2014

Reminisce with Sheila on 7

Hey you!!! Are you 90's generation?? Lets recall this!

For you Indonesian who was born on 90's must know this band. SHEILA ON 7!!!!
yep! you knew it right?? It was so famous at that time
It is one of my favorite one since I was kid. Ask them who was born on 90's, "do you remember about SO7?" they wont answer it, they will just singing SO7 songs rather than answer my question hahaha

Duta and Eros. The singer and the motor of sheila on 7. great musicians.
It doesn't mean that other members not good, they all great

Duta, Eros, Adam, Sakti, Anton was the former SO7. Anton and Sakti out, then Brian come to substitute them. It doesn't mater, they still have a great masterpiece. Shepia, Pejantan tangguh, Melompat lebih tinggi, Dan, Kisah Klasik, and many more....

 always, remind me about past time

Last thursday I get to see them in front of my eyes. Oh God.... Duta who was so so so thin when he were young become more handsome that day. Haha this is not my first time met singers, actress or actor or entertainer, and I feel nothing when meet them. It just people who work in front of camera and lots people recognize them. but seeing Duta and his friends, really like come back for 10-14 years ago. and feel "I had a great great great childhood". Maybe if people know that I always say that words, they'll getting bored. but yes... I am proud to be born on 90's :)


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