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The differences of Idul Adha between Indonesian and other countries

Selamat hari raya Idul Adha :)

So... as a muslim, I have 2 holy days in a year (not only these two but this is the biggest). It is Idul Fitri and Idul Adha (both in Indonesian words).  Idul Fitri means the final day of fasting month, after fasting for 29-30 days. for Indonesian, we always celebrate it so happily. Always visit family, eat with them, everything we do. And here we have about 1-2weeks off to celebrate it.

It is so different with Idul Adha. When Idul Adha comes, we have only a day or two days off. not as much as Idul Fitri. and to celebrate it, I am not visit my family.  It just we sacrifice sheep, cow, or camel, or another, then share it with people. Feast. It is not as special as Idul Fitri for us. but still special because our religious time.

So... let see the differences between others. In Mohammad prophet era, Idul Adha is more special than Idul Fitri (some said like that), and it is right for other countries but Indonesia. I ask friends from Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, UK,they said that have days off more when celebrate Idul Adha. If Idul Fitri they dont get much days off.

maybe thats the differences between Indonesia and other countries.
it's ok, it just different place, the point is Islam :)


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