Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2014

Mami, papi, mbahku

How are you papi? I miss you today :)
I miss your smile. I miss everything on you. If only you still here, what kind of face I will see if you see me come home every weekend and spend time at home with you. I think I will see your happy face :D

I just miss you..

Mbah, apa kabar? Been awhile I havent seen grandmother there. But I think she is fine. After you left her, her health condition become worse. She even oneday forget everything. But we try to comfort her. I know, she must be really miss you grandpa. The one who always with her for many years.

I only have grandmothers. Mami and mbah putri. Both of my grandfathers passed away. After their husband left them, they become so worse. I mean their health condition. They said, "I lose half of my life". Yes.. I've wrote about that earlier. They already married for many years. Raising 3 kids and 8 kids with their own hands. Never complaint, try to educate their kids to be a good and great kids. Yes they are my grandmothers and grandfathers. . .

I love them so much
Aku sayang mereka, mami, papi, mbah lanang, mbah putri. Long live for both of my grandmothers, I want them see my kids later :)

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