Jumat, 02 Mei 2014


What do you think when you see people with lots of tattoos?? Maybe some people will say "scary, bad, not good, rude" or whatever. I think most of people here will say like that. Some people still judge people by appearance. Do you want to know what I want to say??

I like tattoo. I like it. I like some tattoos in body. Even not lots, but just a little tattoo will look so cute hehe.. Maybe, if I can tattoo my body, I'll make it in hand, maybe Silver Estrella or what. Just little. But unfortunately I can't. This is only for me, my self. But if look at people with lots of tattoo, I always feel and wanna know "aren't you hurt tattoo your body like that?". Because I think that will be so hurt. *it just because I am afraid of that thing haha*

Some people look scary with tattoo all body, yes. But not all. We just can't judge people by look at their appearance. Some people with lots tattoo in body are very nice, kind and lovable haha.. They do that because they love tattoo. Just like me, but the difference between us, they like and tattoo their self, and I just like it and can't tattoo my body. Art. Yes, it is an art.

If people ask me, "you not afraid of them? What if they make a mess with you? What if they are bad? What if blablabla...", I just say that I can look at people trully personality. If I see or feel them for the first time not good, it means that they hide their bad things, and later I will know what is that. But if I like to see and talk with them since our first meeting, it means that they are good and nice. Whoever they are. So I have no worries about that. There is a filter in me haha

Just wanna say to others that dont judge people easily. Look through their heart, deepest of heart. You'll see who they are, trully.



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