Minggu, 04 Mei 2014

90's generations

I am 90’s generation. I was born in 1991, so I am 90’s generation. I still remember how was my childhood with friends. Was very happy at that time. Just play around, play and play. Not thinking about what happen tomorrow, not thinking about obligations to do, about jobs, about money, about everything, just play around with friends. Hmmm ....always happy.

I still remember when I was child, I played something that always move our body, make us think strategies to play, always run, that always make us sweaty, means like we do some physical exercise every time we played. Then what we get? Health, fun, friends, happiness, unforgettable moments. We had lots of child’s songs. We have our own world that make us feel and just be a child at that time. With that kind of activities, it stimulate our growth when child. Child needs to move a lots, with that kind of play will make them grow up very well.

Compare with kids now, what they play? They plays some video game, play station, online games, internet, or something like that. when they plays, they never move even a bit. They just sit and hold that game device and only move their 10 fingers. Can be healthy to play like that?? no. I know play that games will make kids think a lot, and can arrange the strategies to finish and win that games. But, remember, kids need to move. Move and stimulate their growth. They need to move and be happy. That’s the point. Are they had child’s songs? Not as much 90’s generation songs hahaha. But yes it is. At least in Indonesia. No songs for kids now, poor them. Feels like kids are robots. Hmmm... I don’t know.

So, what do you think? Let your kids grow up well or not? Let your kids had very good childhood or let them enjoy their device? Up to you… It just hmmmm I don’t want kids have bad childhood, because it will affect them when they become adults.

Let’s make a good atmosphere for kids, for them, for them who will lead and take care this world. 



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