Rabu, 07 Mei 2014

Articles with most viewers

I don't think that people viewed my articles some hehehhe.. I think I just write and I don't care it's viewed by people or not. Just love to write, maybe good if people write some articles with good content hehe

Ok, Mayantara School.  viewed 40 times, and this is where I work now. Sejenis agak promosi juga hehehe

World Bagus Family. 42 times viewed. remember when I was in college and first time knew all about Korea

너 밖에 없잖아, 40 times viewed. All about my feeling hehehe

Kembang mayang, 37 times viewed. I don't know why this article has been viewed many times hehe

Dewi Rahayu, Fachrul Ulum, Shoffi Royanni, I know who viewing this article the most hahaha
and Indonesia Jiwa Tanah Airku, Korea tambatan hatiku, 91 times viewed. why why why so many viewers here?? I don't know why. Just... good. apa mungkin mereka kena tipu ya gara-gara judulnya??? heheh

Mimpi kan membawaku Ke Korea, 137 times viewed. I know why. this is my first article that has been published on local newspaper. I wrote the English version too for my friend.

Nah, this is the latest article Rekayasa Jalan Pandaan (One way road), 32 times viewed. 

I dont know why there are many viewers on some articles, but I think good writings in those articles. hehehe
Thank you anyways whoever view my articles, thank you.... 



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