Minggu, 20 Januari 2019

Listening to the Audiobook

My friend told me about LibriVox. An audio book, have you heard about it?

I've heard about that but never really try it. I even wonder why people listening to the podcast. It's like a radio listening to the people talking. But now I get it why!

I am listening to the audiobook of Underwood and Flinch. It is about vampire story. The reader is the book author (not always but this book is), he makes it really nice to listen. It has 45 chapters and I am listening to the third chapter now. It is brilliant. I know it's late but it is brilliant! I can even listen to that while I am on my way to work, walking, shopping, everything. Literally like listening to the music haha! I am not really into music so this is a new option for me.

Of course, this is brilliant since I can read the book but don't really read it myself. So it's kinda cute when the reader gets so emotional and he played as male and female characters so he needs to distinguish his voice. And OH! There is also an erotic scene. I listened to this in chapter 2 and it was like errr giving you a new sensation of listening to the erotic scene. You know if you watch porn, then you can just see it and most of the time you won't care about how it sounds and focus more on the acting. But the audiobook, you hear it and you imagined it and geli 😂

This is definitely a new option for me to read a book since I can do something else while listening to it. So far, I found only books in English but maybe I just don't know yet if there are books in other languages also. Or maybe they do exist, in the different app of the audiobook.

So have you tried this?


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