Kamis, 23 November 2017

Gagal Diving


I was doubting for awhile to take diving course because : I can't swim properly, I am afraid of deep down underwater (because it is dark), and I am afraid of accidentally meet the sharks.

But then I said yes for that. Why? Because this experience you couldn't take when you have babies lol. At least I tried to open to a new thing that I was so afraid of. Lebih tepatnya parno sih.

We spent our first day watched video about diving, explanation and this and that. Dry. Well.. I mean you sit down for hours, watching and listening to diving theories and stuff. Dry, tiring, and make us sleepy after lunch. Kinda slow for that... because we stop it when we saw deer approaching us and focus on taking photo of them 😜 and also it consist of 5 parts and loonngg.



So first day, exhausted and fun 😛

Second day, supposed to practice in a pool for whole theory we watched, but end up only 2 parts (incomplete pula). Why? Again, here, it is me, slow slow.

Well.. first she taught us to install the SCUBA stuff. Getting to know the function of each part then install it for 5 times. Bongkar pasang begitu. After that, she ask us to swim for 300m without stop and floating for 10 minutes. WOWOWOWOWOWWWW WAIT! I can swim but have problem with breathing. Then she gave me complete stuff for snorkeling and I did it. Took more than 15 minutes to control myself with those stuff and fin and 300 meters means I have to swim around the swimming pool for 10 times. I did it. I made it. TBH I kinda proud of myself lol.

belajar nyembur air dalam snorkel, yang tekniknya sama kek nyembur pake SCUBA 

Next is floating. Behhh..... susah men. I was like 'uhmm hemm it is not easy for me'. 15 minutes they teach me how to float, surprisingly I can do it. I did it for first 5 minutes then HJ tease me so I tease him back then I sink lol. So I have to do it from the beginning again uhh yea so I float for 15 minutes haha.

inilah kenapa muka jadi gosong ya

After that, we were trying our SCUBA stuff. Learn how to breathing from that thing because when we dive don't stop breathing. We have to keep breathing, never hold it. Semakin dalam menyelam, semakin cepat habis gas yang kita gunakan untuk bernapas.

We also learn about sign language under water. That was easy. Then learn how to share the air we have, and other skills. And then it's time to dive with those complete stuff. GOD! I must have some hearing problems that day, it really give me pain in first meter I dive. They dont have it. So the pressure make it worse. I gave up and the training done for that day. Was also caused by thunder and raining after lunch, so we did our written exams. We always have exams afterwards.

Surprisingly, at night, I get cough. I don't really know why. I wonder if it is caused by the SCUBA but HJ and Jenny (instructor) have no problem with that. Next day it get worse. Cough, sore throat, even now when I am writing this I still have cough. We decided not doing the course that day. I need to get rest and see if its getting better or worse. But still, worse even little bit fever. So I gave up. Then we change the plan.

our lunch. HJ pesen ayam sambal matah, saya pesen gado-gado tapi setengah porsi gado-gadonya pindah tempat ke box sebelah

We did Balinese massage lol, and snorkeling next day in Menjangan island. So yea, I did snorkeling and saw the baby sharks. GOD it was so amazing to see them like face to face, hmmm boong sih, I was right above them. It scare me out  really... then they go away and I was like fiuhhh thank god. But that was surprising me and amazing haha (meskipun sebenernya mereka nggak bakal gigit kita sih).

Unfortunately there are some plastic there when we snorkel. Not that much but some is already annoys me, and of course distract me and made me feel 'is this shark who touch me????' haha... Anyway I saw a lot of blue sea stars and I want to take em home 😃


So yea... We didn't get to finish my diving class, but we got credits for what we did two days before. So we just need to continue the class later. We don't need to start it from the beginning again. I hope that it can be done in future 😇


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