Senin, 30 Juni 2014

Writing, really my hobby

When I was child, I always said that one of my hobbies is writing. I don’t really get what does it mean actually. I just think that if I say my hobby is writing, it sounds so cool. Like an author, writer, or whatever. I don’t realize it, that writing is my hobby. I like to write. I like to write since I was maybe in high school. Just write something that I really want to write. Most of them are what I want to get, like a short term plan. Since I was in college and had my own Sammy (my laptop), it makes me regularly write. Write about something that I saw before, something that suddenly came up in my mind, about things. I write lots. Usually I write and just save it in Sammy. But since 2012 I write and publish in my own blog. I don’t care if no one read my articles. I just love to write.

Mostly write about social things or something I’ve done before and just want to share in blog. I never write poems, because I don’t know how to make it and I don’t have good sense of it. So, just write another things. I wrote about my country from my point of view, wrote about Indonesian characters, wrote about beautiful things here, and many more. And now, I often write in English, in case my friend can read my writings. But it depend, if I want to show “the feeling of Indonesia”, I just write it in Indonesia using “Indonesia banget”.  

Something that I really want to do since long time ago is publish my own book. Publish books that maybe inspiring other people. I don’t mean to inspire, just if can do that, why not? hehehe


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