Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Prambanan #my point of view

Prambanan, who doesn't know this temple? Indonesian for sure know this temple. This Hindu's temple located in Jogjakarta. This was built thousand, maybe more, years ago. Long long long time ago. About 9th century.

There is legend about that, people usualy said about Roro Jonggrang that ask thousands of temple to a man who love her but she doesn't. I dont know about that legend, and let it be a legend behind that amazing temple. What I want to say here, about that amazing temple. How come they can built that kind of amazing things? Those are stones. Stones. Very heavy stone. And also there are relief in candi's wall. It has own stories and it's different each others. So, I still can't imagine how great people at that time.

Think about something, maybe people can build a house easily, but how to built candi using stones? Still can't imagine about that. They have something to tell from past. We can see how great that kingdom and people there. Hmmm... Maybe this is because I like to know about history especially history things that happen in my country. Still, amazing for me. Great sculpturing from the past.

Location: Malang, Malang


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