Rabu, 25 Juni 2014

Smartphone and our lives

Android based - Smartphone or tablet are familiar in our lives now. People still keep in touch although thousands miles away apart. Many kind of applications that can connect us with other people, such as Line, WhatsApp, Kakao Talk, and many more. I know those applications offered by smartphone make us feel easy to do many things with our smartphone. The first time when I got my smartphone, I said “Sophisticated”.  Yeah that’s right! Sophisticated. I can do many things with my smartphone, I have all my teaching materials in it, I can surfing easily and faster, I can talk to other people by free phone using application, I can share my pictures easily using Instagram (since I like photography), if come to new places I can’t get lost or deceived by taxi driver because I have my GPS hehe. One day I got problem with my smartphone, it can not be turned on and it makes me frustrated. Why? Because I have class and my all materials teaching in smartphone.Ohh,, really I can’t live without my smartphone. My mom said that my smartphone and Sammy (my laptop) are half of myself haha. That’s true mom.

See, there are many things that smartphone can do, and of course help us. Give us many things that we can’t imagine before. the newest type will increase the capabilities. Of course, the developer will make it more and more sophisticated.

But there is something that maybe we forget. Maybe we’re getting excited with smartphone and forget that we are a human too. We’re human being, need to say “hi” to other people too. The real “hi”, not just say “hi” by phone. Maybe we can say hi by phone if we are living far each other. But what if we live in same place? I mean if we go to somewhere  together, we often play with smartphone rather than talking with friends. Sometimes we play on facebook, twitter, or others while going out with friend. Ok, let say, friend still have other things to do, but it’s pathetic when see family going out to eat and dad, mom, even kids play on their own smartphone. They weren't talk each other. They just talk with their own smartphone. So if I see those, I just see mom dad and kids out together, order foods, and play with smartphone while waiting. Doesn't look like family, just look like a man, a woman, and kids eat together in same table without knowing each other, or maybe "who are you?".  I mean, if family going out together, just make it become quality time with family. Maybe parents busy at work and kids busy at school, so they out and make a good time. But unfortunately, the gadget make them far away. They stay close, but far. If you know what I mean.

Smartphone hmmm something that we can’t avoid for now (actually for me hehe), but don’t forget that we are human being and we need to communicate with human and living being. It’s ok having smartphone that help us, just don’t let our smartphone take control our real life. Our lives too precious to taken over by technology.

*haha bahasa gueh*

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