Kamis, 03 April 2014


Being a teacher is something that I cant imagine before. My parents ask me to be a teacher since I was child. But I will not be a teacher. I don’t know why, I just feel that being a teacher is difficult. We have to inform right information, preparing before teaching, give the best for students, and also arrange all of  material that related to students (I hate this one so much). then luckily I accepted in pure math department . It means that I won’t be a teacher. Yey… I took computation, something that I love so much. But suddenly I learn Korean. It is ok to learn new language. Because I love to learn it. This time, I learn Korean from the native speakers. I really enjoy it that much.

One day, a language institute ask me to teach Korean in this institution, Mayantara School. Of course I do. But wait, teach? In some kind of institute? Oh my God. I have no experiences teaching in institute. I only teach for private student before. Oh, ok. Maybe this one will make give me something new. But this institute is different. The owner give us a right about the teaching, about what will I do for students. it doesn’t like school, but institution which have different program with other schools.

The most important thing being a teacher is how to inform the information and make students can accept it well. I like to inform something, everything. I love to sharing. this is the most important essence of being a teacher. I feel so satisfied when my students accept the material well. It feels like got something precious. But unfortunately, not all teachers feel like that. So yeah, unfortunately sometimes. At last, although I don’t want to called myself a teacher, but educator.

That’s my point of view,



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