Jumat, 25 April 2014

Dilarang memegang pantatku

While waiting time to class, I enjoy my time with Rama (the owner’s son). He was drawing some robots. We were talking lots and joking. But suddenly he sets up his butt in front of my eyes and that was impolite things to do. I told him that this is impolite and ask him not to do this anymore. When told him about that, I also touch his butt. But suddenly he shout out loud “Jangan pegang pantatku!”, or don’t touch my butt. And he told his mom that I touch him. I don’t know anything then his mom told me that she inform her son if people touch his butt or front side, he must tell them dont do that. If people do that, he must tell his mom. His mom do this because a lot of sexual crime out there. She just worried her son and try to protect him. Good advice.

Ahhh that's why he tell his mom right after I touch his butt. I just laugh, and say sorry to him. Then I thought that he listen and do what his mom tell. And I was the first do that thing to him. Haha.. Sorry Rama. Hehehe



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