Jumat, 18 April 2014

My Warm house

My house now is not a big house rather than the last house where I lived. The last house before I move here is so big big big house ever, was built on Dutch’s colonize. Yes, very big and located in front of main road. So crowded, so noisy, and always be target of accidents, don’t know why. But now, I live small house, maybe since 12years ago. Smaller than before, in quite place, not really far from main road, but not in front of it. So little bit quite here.

Even not a big house and there are 6 people in house, it feel so warm here. Of course smaller house with much people will make it warmer, but not because of that. it is because love hehe… we are loving each other, that makes my house feel so warm. Yeah I know, I live in Pandaan which is very very hot (and not good for vampire hehe), but when stay inside house I feel so cool and stay warm always. Is that sounds strange? Stay cool and warm in same time? Not strange for me. Feel so comfortable here.

Mom always take care of family, cook always and feed us with good and healthy foods, always listen to her kids stories, always gave us good advice, always told me something important since I am the oldest one, always listen and obey to everything that Dad says, always keep her mom save and healthy, always do the best for family. That is my mom.

Dad always watch his every kids very well, always be the first one who got worried if something happen to kids and family, even not talking as much as mom he always lead us to be in good way in life, always give us lots of money if we say “Dad, I have to buy this book, that book, many books”, dad always want his kids do the best in education and get much knowledge, such a good leader for his wife, kids, and family. That is my dad.

And my granny, even she is so loud and talking much, I know that she talking about our goodness. Not all can accept her habit, lot of people doesn’t like she talks much, it just because they doesn’t know my granny so much like me even they are her grandchild too. Getting older, and still fresh, and still active, and still loud, and still talks much, that is my granny.

Sisters, are doing good. The youngest are looks like me. the oldest are dreamer, same like me. so they both, are looks like me when I was young or now. They just follow their oldest well. They are my sisters.

And me, it’s me. and only me. The oldest daughter, the oldest grandchild. I just have to be me. and I am happy to be me, my self.  

And that’s my house, people in my warm house. Really love them all.



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