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Sustainable Way to "Dump" our Waste

Sticker from eco-bali recycling October is funny month. We have this crisis of burning landfield in Bali, and they haven't pick up my trash for 2 months. Probably over two months now. We're like "Okay it's time to swap to the sustainable options" Yea we've been thinking about composting, but I do not know where to start. Because, you know, when you did it wrong it can be stinky and worm-y and not working out well. Turns out, they have composting company that provide the bin, the pickup, and even got the compost back monthly or per 6 months. I did not know that but of course my husband found it and planned to sign up for it.  The week where we had that plan on mind, suddenly in the morning there was a guy from this company came to our house delivering the composting bin. "No we did not order this, yet" Apparently the neighbor ordered their service but they got the address wrong. The next day, the same guy came again, brought his empty composting bin f

Traveling During Pandemic


I am one of the people who travel (relatively a lot) during a pandemic. Unfortunately, me being in a long-distance marriage, need mental and physical support once in a while. 

In the beginning, we met after 8 months of the pandemic and then 3 or 4 months, then every 2 months. I went wild the first 8 months of the pandemic. Everything felt harder. I know many people feel the same, I am not the only one. We're just coping with the best we can do. 

The island I call home 💙

It was so stressful the first time traveling during the pandemic. Like I said here, it's not really worth the effort if you're traveling "for fun". PCR price was crazy, every time we have to calculate the time, make it double as well as the price. Because we buy the time with money. I usually book a ticket at least 2-4 weeks before my travel, then went to the airport 2 hours before my flying time, everything felt so efficient but not during the pandemic. I booked my ticket a week before flying, oh and I have to take an express visa because of the short time I have when applying for the visa. I have to be at the airport at least 6-8 hours before my flying time, just in case the flight was canceled so I have time to book another flight. Why in rush? Because the PCR will be expired in 72 hours. While I took the test almost 48 hours before, and then I have only 24 hours left to reach my destination. The late I did was 7 hours before my test expired. If everything goes okay, then okay. But if one flight was canceled then I'll be damned. 

Not to mention all of these last minutes things can get canceled if H's flight was canceled. It happened two times. Once when he tested positive, and another one because all of the pilots of their planes got covid after the new year party.

Super Air Jet is such a fun airline. The flight attendants are wearing pants.

And the next traveling was a bit easier, still stiff but easier a little. PCR price went down 1/3 of the previous. The test result will be out in 24 hours at a cheaper price. They modified the prices to 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours results. We can actually get PCR results in one hour, it's only a matter of how many people are in line for that. That's what we pay for. The domestic flight operates more and the international flight risk of getting canceled is smaller. 

Had to remind me that I changed my luggage from red to green-blueish. Kept waiting for red.

Then come the quarantine mode. LOL. It was a mess for the first time but getting better eventually. From free quarantine until paid mode. From 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 1 day, and no quarantine at all now. I am a fully vax person, even got my booster because I am not an anti-vac ahole lol.  

I never thought that being fully vaxxed and booster-ed is a kind of privilege for traveling.

I can feel the difference traveling during the pandemic, the hotel prices dropped like crazy. Like really crazy. We stayed in Rove Dubai for almost 4 weeks and we spent less than $800 for that many nights. Last week we stayed there for a week and we spent $750 LOL. Everything seems going back to "normal" prices and behavior. Though my husband and I are still wearing the mask. We only take it off when there are no people around us, or fewer people outdoor. I don't care about the mask rule that you can take it off indoor or outdoor, I don't care. I'd still wear it when I don't feel safe to be there unmasked. And because it keeps my skin better LOL. Funny though, I used to say "Let's get the vaccine so we can take the mask off" But apparently I am still afraid to take it off!

At the park, waiting for H to finish his running session.

I am not complaining about this. This is to remind me someday that I travel quite a lot during the pandemic. Yes, it was a lot harder than the normal days. But it is worth the mental and physical support that I need. Do I sound like a bitch who "doesn't care" about others? Well... I don't know. You may judge, I don't mind. 

I don't want to jinx it but thankfully thank god I never catch covid and hopefully won't get it in the future [HOPEFULLY AMEN AMEN AMEN!]. It seems "under control" but I think, people just need to be responsible in doing whatever they need to do. Wear a mask when you're in the middle of the crowd that you can't avoid. But as long as we can avoid the crowd, then it's better.

We're very careful because we don't want to get the virus. At all. 

I am still very cautious and anxious whenever I fly and am in the middle of the crowd. This traveling last week, made me more anxious because I went with a big group of umrah. 

Whenever I am home in Bali, I only get out of the house for groceries usually once a week, in a relatively quiet supermarket. If we have a plan to eat out, we always choose a quiet place or outdoor ones. A homebody who never parties. Never really hung out with friends in a big group because I have only 4 friends in Bali. Going to the beach every week, mostly alone. So I am not really going out a lot, even though I travel abroad quite a lot during these 2 years.

Lucky (free) legroom seat

I can feel the differences in these 2 years and I appreciate the effort even though they keep changing the rules every 3 days LOL. I mean, apart from waiting for my luggage that always takes forever. I have no complaints. I have a lot of stickers on the back of my passport. From one PCR to another, from CGK to DXB. I surely visited CGK a lot more these 2 years than the last 20+ years. But starting next month, it will be from Bali 😍😘

Pandemic passport

Slowly but surely, we're going back to the previous lifestyle we had before 2020. The airport was really full. People coming from abroad can just walk away like they used to. But this time, after PCR at the airport. Even in Bali, I can see lots of people are waiting at the arrival gate. I don't know, somehow it's weird to see all of these changes that look completely normal. But also, it's a sign of revival I guess. 

So... wherever you are going just stay careful, wear the mask, get the vaccine if possible (don't be an anti-vac please). If you are sick, don't go. Better be well prepared than sorry. We lost a lot during the pandemic, let's not lose more. 

Never in my life seeing this long line in DXB. Had to queue for 50 mins. Usually took me 5 mins only.

Surprisingly, CGK was also full. Completely full. Anxious.

Stay healthy people! We can beat this f virus! 💪


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