Minggu, 23 November 2014

Indigo Children

"A young boy said that he comes from 2035. He said he is an indigo boy. He comes from 2035 to warn Indonesian because there will be a big disaster happen in early 2015. Also he want to take an indigo children and bring him/her to 2035. He came here with time machine". That news become hot news since few days ago.

So.. Indigo is a color that is traditionally regarded as a color on the visible spectrum, as well as one of the seven colors of the rainbow : the color between blue and violet. We know there are lots of indigo children. Indonesia have so much indigo children. They could see the color which normal people cant see that. Also they can absorb the negative and positive energy around them. It often flare up on their body, that negative and positive energy. It just like there are another person fight inside their body. The affect? Make them feel weak and down, need more time to recover their self. So indigo children are so special. They also can see future or past. How they see that? They said, "I can see future or past like a movie in front of me". Because they can see future, it many times make them feel afraid if they see their own death. They often predicts everything 99% close to the reality.

Special. Yes so special.

Nah, in this case of that indigo comes from 2035, hmmm I dont know that really happen or just for fun. yes I admit that indigo can tell the future or past, but I never know about time traveler. Like a doraemon, doraemon comes from future and help nobita in past. There is a movie title About time, it tells about time traveler. If it really happen in reality, I dont think they will tell us that they come from future. They will keep it secret. But I dont know :D

Things that cant turn back, time
In Qoran says, "For the sake of time..."
What does it mean? That means, time are so much valuable. If we miss a second of our life, we wont turn back the time. Maybe we can see the past, but we never going back to the past. But if we believe there are time travelers, maybe that young boy's coming is true. The way he said a time traveler.

Hmm I dont know exactly what I write. Just confuse. If that true, means there are time traveler around us. But if not, hmm will see what will happen later.



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