Senin, 10 November 2014

How to write

Ok I wanna write about what my sister asked me few weeks ago.

“How can you write?”

Hmmm... I told her, “You can write everything from now. You dont have to write about difficult things or too important things. You can start writing from simple thing in your life. And just write using your own style. If you are simple, just be simple”

Then she asked again, “What should I write?”

For beginner I think you can just write what happen to you recently. Like writing a diary or your short term plans. It will be easier to write right? I was like that too. I start writing maybe when in middle high school. I didnt realize that since that time I like to write. I start write my short term plans. About which high school I want, about my simple wishes, about what had happen to me, and things. Yes of course, for the first time it was not good at all. Really amateur writings. No problem.

Day by day you will find your interest in writings. I mean, you will find your own style, your own interest, your own writings and so on. Style is different for each writings. Like me, I like to write things simple, using simple language, and write what I’ve seen earlier then add more opinion of that. Thats my style. Another style maybe like poems or using difficult language to understand. Each person has own style.

Lately I write in English. I know my english isn’t really good but this is one of way to improve your language skill. Also I found my own style already for now. I dont know it will change or not, but this is my style. Some of my writings published on local newspaper as a citizen reporter. My wish now, publish my own book.

I think thats all. Thats from my point of view



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