Sabtu, 27 September 2014

About time...

I moved here maybe almost 13 years. That day, I was 10 years old. Still in elementary school. I have lots friends on same age and some of them are my sister's friends (our age difference is 7 years). We grew up together. Growing up and I just realize now, when I graduated from uni, we all really grown up. Time for me to work, or continue studying, also they are already 17 years old. Time for them to get any license like driving license, residence card, or else. They already has their own rights to choose what they want to do in live.

I think we are balance, lots boys and girls. Time for girls to feel "Lady wanna be", I mean on their age (around 17) they want to know how about having a boyfriend, how to put on make up on face, how is fall in love, or maybe how about kiss, and many things. Sometimes, some of them forget the point of studying at school. They just think about their romance or love or something like that rather than their achievement. Well.... that always happen in life. Feeling up and down on same time. Feel many things.

And time for boys to feel like "bad boy". Not all boys like that, but some of them start to smoke because curious about their friends become and "look" so great when smoking. *I REALLY NOT AGREE WITH THIS. SMOKING ISN'T GREAT AT ALL* They start to taste alcohol even a bit. But the worst is smoking I guess. how? because parents, mostly let their boys smoking although they still studying. Maybe parents get angry at first time, but they dont have any bravery to ban their boys to smoking. Slowly but sure, they just watch their boys damage their lungs. I saw many boys around my house smoking before go to school. Do you know what I want to do to them when see they smoking??? I just wanna say something to them, "Hey guys, be ready for your death soon!". People should know smoking in the morning have a highest risk of death (some people maybe think, "Ohh I better smoking afternoon or night". ridiculous!).

Every seeing people smoking, I ask them "How taste? good?", they just said "Taste by yourself, then you'll know". RA KATE PO'O!

mmmm this is only what I think about, feel pity of some young generation.

#Edisi menggalaukan setiap kali berbicara tentang rokok, bahkan pemerintah juga sudah memperketat berbagai hal yang berhubungan dengan rokok tapi yah... simalakama. Jangan korbankan generasi muda dan warga negara dengan pernyataan "kalo pabrik rokok ditutup, berapa juta orang bakal nganggur???". coba jumlah rokok yang dijual, ditukar dengan membuka lapangan pekerjaan yang baru bagi mereka. Halah yasudahlah ya, serba bingung mau nulis apa lagi hehehe. ya sudah sekian dan terimakasih#



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