Minggu, 07 September 2014

I don't have a phone

Few times ago I've wrote about smartphone and our life. why? because I think people need a phone in life, also smartphone makes some parts of life become easier right?

But I have a student, he is older than me, and he don't have a phone. My reaction was, "WHAT?? you don't have a phone? even an old phone?? REALLY??".  When I ask him why, he just said "I just dont like it". Just yeah you know, people start to use a smartphone these day, but he isn't. It's hard to contact him even just for give him information about study. Ahh... really

But yesterday, I found another one who doesn't have a phone too. He said "There are  a lot of disadvantages rather than advantages for having a phone. You have no privacy, intimacy. You are available 24/7 for everyone, and that thing can exploid (not literally) at any moment so you have the stress of knowing that any moment someone can contact you. It also is a surveillance tool that telecommunications companies and governments use to spy on people, and not only on terrorist....but just average people. You also lose the focus on your surroundings when you have that thing with you all the time". *he also told me about the advantages*

I realize really, sometimes smartphone make me stress. It is right about the disadvantages that he told me. But  I need a phone to work. I have all my materials of teaching on phone. The disadvantages is just the affect side of having phone (or smartphone).

They give me another ways of thinking. one of the reasons that lots people do is "Lose the focus on surroundings when you have that thing with you all the time".


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