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Short Visit to Bentoel Museum


This is part of improving my photography skill. So my friend, Sunan, will be included here.


It was a sudden decision. So we decided to visit Bentoel Museum in Malang. It's like House of Sampoerna (which I never visit and only plan to visit but no action). Why did we want to visit this museum? Because the museum is actually the house of Bentoel's founder. Our mission lately is snapping pictures of old buildings and such around the city, as well as learning how to take beter pictures.

he is just happy and allow me to put his photo on my blog or another website and I like this shoot

There is no fee to visit this museum, it is enough to sign the guest book. And then you can explore what's inside. Actually, there are not many things inside. But the objects inside tell you about the history of the Bentoel brand and how it was founded. Ong Hok Liong used his own house as the first place to produce the cigarettes and it is located in Jalan Wiromargo (around pasar besar Malang).  He sold the cloves and tobacco that are ready to use (kretek), turns out people love it because they only needed to prepare the paper to smoke (klobot). The name of the company was Strootjesfabriek Ong Hok Liong.

When he used this old name of the company, the business was not so profitable. Then he went to Gunung Kawi to find a better name for this company and changed it into Bentoel. Bentoel brand grew bigger as it is always in the top 10 of tobacco company in Indonesia. (This is written in Panduan Jelajah Kota-kota Pusaka di Indonesia - Emile Leushuis, as well as written in the big board in Bentoel museum)


There are so many photos of old times, and how this company grew up from a scratch to becoming part of British American Tobacco in 2009.

mesin linting. pakdhe punya beginian 


But what interests me more was the building. It is definitely the old building, old house, and how much I love old architecture like this. Why do I like old architecture like this? Because reminds me of the first ten years of my life when I used to live in a colonial-era house, similar like this. I was really sad when they sold our old house. So I keep looking for old architecture to get me back to my old time. Crazy huh?


I had this kind of windows with double protections


the door and window

This house is a typical old house with a big yard, big door and windows. I like the floor, the old design of the floor. Although for so many people this kind of houses are always scary but for me, it is so appealing. They always have a story in every corner of the house. Maybe, maybe if I have money I would love to build this kind of house 😍

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  1. What a historical place... Nice post!

    1. indeed a historical place. thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Incredible museum,
    soale sing njogo tonggoku dewe, gelek nitip gae parkir nang pasar gede wkwkw

    btw tekel sing mblok ideki iku paling seneng aku model ngunu, jek apik ndek kene,

    he kapan2 ayo jelajah museum wakakaka

    1. ayoookkkkkk!!!!!!!! kita sekota tapi yo gak tau i ketemu ya tuhan sombong e yo hahahaha
      sesama history nerd e ayok sharing ilmu. museum ndi seng kudu tak parani iki maneh?

      btw aku ya seneng tekel model gini iki. kroso ningrat hahahha

      btw parkir e rong ewu wkwk


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