Sabtu, 02 Januari 2016

Dear men

Dear men outside there,

You were created to love and protect us, women
You are stronger than us, women
You are have much more responsibilities than us, women
You are born to be a leader of us, women

And who we are?
We are women that always need your protection
Need to be loved by you, men
Need to be treated gently by you, men

Sometimes, you always want a beautiful woman beside you
You want a smart woman
A woman who are good at cooking
A woman who could handle and educate your kids
A woman who could attract you in physically looks
A woman who always looks cute and adorable
Even maybe sexy and gorgeous everytime

And what we want from men?
A man who will always keep their words
A man who never breaks their words
A man who are not only promising, but proving

Do we need sweet words and promises from you?
Yes, women will fall for you more when you whisper sweet words in their ears
Yes, women loves to hear it

But for me, who have mathematical mindset on me, I dont need sweet words or promises
The only one thing I need is a proof.
A theorem wont be valid when it doesnt have any proof
And something that doesnt have proof, wont be used for something important in solving problems

What does it mean?
Things that I need from a man, keep his words and prove that their words are not bullshit.
One time break it, respect you less
Second time break it, less more
and next.. dont blame me if I dont have any respect to you anymore

I am sorry for writing like this,
It just become a question since few times ago
Just... prove us that you guys are reliable guys who keep your words and will not hurt our heart by breaking your words.

But everything happen for reason
This is make myself have a defense from your words already.
I want to believe, but now I cant believe until I have the proof.
When you have your proofs, that time I will believe that your words are trustworthy.

From a woman who get hurted by her important men in life.



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