Rabu, 17 Januari 2018

Happy New Year 2018!


Happy New Year 2018 everybody!

Kinda late huh? I just got back from seeing my husband, so like usual… I stopped all of my activities when I am with my husband. Either blogging or responding messages on my social media (but I don’t stop on Instagraming hehe). That is the way I respect and appreciate my time together with my husband. 

So… everybody has made their 2018’s resolutions?

I am here to make my own list for 2018. About what I want to do in 2018 :

Be healthier, smarter, sexier, happier. It’s like in one package lol
Read 2 books every month. I hope I can make it. I really hope in a year I can read at least 24 books. I put this reading challenge on goodreads. I hope it helps. (I am now reading 1984 by George Orwell, already 1/3 of the book).
Doing sport. I extremely lazy for doing sport so I hope I can make it and doing this.
Write more good stuff. 2 years ago I wanted to write as much as I can. About the quantity, now I want more about quality. I hope so
Be able to speak another language. So far… I learn Dutch but but but yea still so basic. So I hope I can make it this year, to be able to speak this language with my parents in law. This is also part of fixing my silly English.
Blog-walking more. I feel so bad that when I can’t visit other people’s blogs 😩 I promised will do it more now.
Reduce my addiction to internet (or social media). I am not social media junkie but I think I want to reduce the usage of it. I see no point of having so many applications for chatting only for some specific people, like Line only 2-3 people, BBM only for 4 people (I delete my BBM already, it was used for work). I think everybody on Whatsapp now. So this is my main messenger now. But I will not reduce my internet usage for blogging and watching series. I also considered to delete my Facebook. I need internet just to make sure he is safe and ok, I feel like I am less stress when I am not connected to social media.
Earn my own money again. I think it’s enough to be jobless for almost a year now. So it’s time to earn money again for myself and future.
Do something new and challenging. About this, I prefer not to write in detail haha!
Don't give a shit anymore! This is also I prefer not to write in detail 😌
Live together with my husband and build a family. I am not sure when I will be able to live together with him, so I just want to put this on 2018 wish-list. Even if this is not gonna happen in 2018, then let it be a wish-list for 2019 and another year in future. 

2018, Please be my year πŸ’—

So I think that’s all. I will always add more if I want too πŸ˜„

Happy new year!


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