Jumat, 29 September 2017


Anybody know how to earn money easily? Well hmm I can't work in formal institution as I am in long distance relationship with my husband. It is all about time and quality time with my husband. I remember when we were dating, he said "I come to Indonesia for you, and you dont have time for me". You dont know how hurt it was as I can't make time as much as he want (he always come for 2 weeks and I only have 2 days off -4days including weekend-). So that time I told myself, "I have responsibility in my job. But later when I am officially your wife, I will resign from work and make time as much as you need". The problem is only about the flexibility. Being in long distance relationship as a married couple is hard indeed. For a husband maybe what is matter is job, job is important. For a wife, what you feel is the problem. I wish I could show you what I feel without even talking.

I wish I could live with him, do something there even just writing some papers without getting paid is totally fine as long as I live with him.

So... anybody could suggest me what can I do to earn money? Preferably to work online like maybe writing or something else that I can do whenever I want (flexible working time), or anybody wanna take me to work together in a project of something maybe? 😃


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