When My Husband is Sick

8:18 PM


It is normal to getting sick. It means your body send you an alert like 'Hey! Stop working and rest a bit for me!'.

It is normal, but what is not normal for me, to know your husband is sick and it is miles away from you now. What you can do is only nagging and nagging and nagging. You couldn't make him some porridge, or even just give him banana to eat, or just hand him a glass of water to drink... All you can do just nagging asking him to drink more water, to eat something, to take medicine and to get rest more. And also worried.

'It will be fine'

Yes it will be fine, you gonna be fine, but still.. I am a wife and I can't just put that thing on my mind 'He is gonna be fine'. No! I am working with feeling (barely with brain). Sad part is you can only nag and can't do nothing 😟😞

Surprisingly, I feel week and 'sick' in same day as him getting sick. That is part of being a married couple. Oh maybe that only work for wife. A wife who feel sick when her husband is sick.

Get better soon my other half  💗

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