Rabu, 26 Juli 2017


Some of the new feelings that I feel after I officially become a wife. 

First : Become more sensitive. Sensitive in every senses especially when there is something wrong ‘happen’ in my husband. Now I know why my mum can catch the ‘lies’ that my dad made. Because she feels it so easily. I think it is because of the bond you make when you are tied by a marriage. Besides, I get so easily sensitive when I don’t get to see my husband’s face in a day (Long distance relationship when you are married is harder than when you were dating). Like let say he is so busy and he can’t call me at night. I don’t want to be grumpy of course, but how can’t I? 😓 Am trying to learn.

Second : Praying for your husband more than you pray for yourself. Before I got married, I only pray for myself and my family. But then, a husband just get into the first list on my prayer now. I may be still a selfish one, I may not a perfect one, but by put him on my top list when I pray… that make me feel a bit better. I don’t ask that much for my husband. Only asking for Him to keep my husband safe, give him the easiest way in every steps he make, and keep his heart only for me (no other people between us). Somehow…it make me feel at ease. 

Any wife feel the same as me? or is it only me who feel it?


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