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We are married officially! 6 May 2017 is the big day for us. Invite some friends and of course family. I was so happy that I can introduce my husband to my close friends. I was so happy to talk with them one by one, not only sitting in front of people and waiting people to come, but I come and talk with them. At least that what makes me happy. Even my friends said 'Kamu pengantin apa penerima tamunya?' 😂

 demi dua buku ini. malahan pas nerima buku ijo ini temen-temen bilang 'itu paspor?'

Mine was starting from 8 to 12. And all of my friends were staying for hours there. I know their habit. Sit, talk and eat. So I can talk a lot and eat with them. Not so formal. Not formal at all I mean. My husband talk a lot with my close colleagues, also with another friends. At least they speak english and I dont need to be the interpreter.
thankyou for this people who came earlier and home late

My family was there, to witness our big day. Since I have big family and they didnt came all together, so it was a bit tiring. Because when I want to take rest a bit, somebody call me and ask me to go and talk with them. Ok lah, once in lifetime haha

I was taking rest after 1 pm. The stuff on my head made me dizzy and last for hours. Aunty gave me some pills to take and feel ok.

I am officially become a wife of Mr Lohuis 💗

boleh dong 😊😋😍

And a day after officially become a wife, one of friend invite me to join the group of people who marry Dutchie to share information and everything regarding mixed marriage. Thank God they are so helpful and I can help some to share some info regarding marriage stuff.

Photos are taken by Kian_naik photograph


  1. Congratulation pris, semoga jadi keluarga samawa ya. Aamiin

  2. Wah suaminya bule ya.. Congrats yaa. Moga long last till the end! :)

  3. Wah selamat-selamat.....

    Ayo ndang gawe anak sing akeh, ngko bodo tak sangoni


    1. Yeyeyeyeeee lebaran ketemu om riza minta sanguuu. Trus kl cewek, kayaknya kenaan bakalan nggebet nih 😂


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