Rabu, 10 Agustus 2016

Plans for the rest 2016

Here I have few things that I have to do before 2017 :

1.   Going to Ijen mountain and Bali
2.   Working on Korean test on October (have to pass this test at least level 4-5)
3.   Working on English test (as soon as after Korean test)
4.   Progressive on gold investment
5.   Working on master degree (Focus on it)
6.   Attending Prisca’s wedding in Lombok (December)

For awhile let’s forget about marriage planning stuff. 

Sedikit bercerita, I am now on stagnant and ‘what now’ position. So stuck in one place, one situation with no challenges, so flat, and yeah I feel like robot. That is why I am trying to arrange a plan for the rest of this year to make some goals. Seems not so important but at least I am making some plans to make some goals.


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  1. Aku pernah ngerasa kaya gitu, hidup kaya gak berguna karna gini-gini aja. Finally I decided to 'move'. New place, new friend, new work, of course, new challenge.

    Sometimes you need some improvement in your life. Trust me, it's not easy.

    1. Yea that is why I want to move on
      My life wasnt like this 'flat'. I think I need some challenges. And target next year, I have to be in a different place. Either get a new job abroad, or working on my master degree abroad

      Not easy, yes, but that makes me feel alive :D


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