3:57 PM

Yes it was my birthday. August 2nd. Time to grom up.. be better... and do good things more. 24 years, its me now. Alhamdulillah can breathe until today. Feel every good and bad thigs in life. Thank God. Thank God I can eat well until today, although I really want to drink green tea latte and korean foods for today bu cant get it right now ㅠㅠ. But thank God.

Thanks for my real close family at home, parents, sisters, granny, lovely uncle, aunty, and cousins. Thanks for my real close friends, SCALQ, autumn of yosinbi, FrontSummer, emon si kesayangan, milla. And some more special people in life.

The way the say Happy birthday to me, is always remind me that I have these great people in my life that I can lean on. The real one will never leave.

I love you all 😙

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