Minggu, 31 Mei 2015

Passive smoker

Smokers are smoking around us. For me, myself, I dont like being with smokers. I dont mean that I hate them. I just said that smoking aren't allowed beside me. Everyone does know the reason why smoking is not a good thing for us. And the worse is, passive smokers have a high possibilities to get cancers and something like that.

Do you know how many mistakes you made to non smokers? Lots!
Many of passive smokers had cancers. Even they dont know the taste of smoking, they only get the bad result of that.

Think about this more and more! You have to respect us!!

Is this fair for us who aren't smoking? No!
Yes you all smokers have your own rights to smoke and harm yourself. But we, who aren't smoking, also have our own rights to live healthy, to breathe the fresh air, to live without smoke arround us. Think about this!!!

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