7:03 AM

This isn't something important to read. Just wanna remind myself to do this. As soon as possible hehe *dan semoga kesampean sih hehe

Short term :
1. Making mathematics problems (+-42)
2. Making students' reports
3. Attend short driving course (done)

Have to do :
1. Book train ticket for 2404
2. Book plane ticket for 2604 (11pm) or 2704 (6am)
3. Get something
4. Malang - Jakarta - Lamongan - Pandaan - Malang (24-270415)

Middle term :
1. Preparing TOPIK test
2. Jakarta April

Not so long term plan :
1. DSLR camera
2.  Making driving license
3. Continue learn Spanish
4. Traveling traveling *where? Bali? Bandung? Duite sopo -_-
Ok done!  So far this is my list!

I will add more, the things I really want to do
- capture every captivating side of Indonesia (traveling around Indonesia *of course around the world too)
- finding Spanish  to learn Spanish

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