12:45 PM

It's been a long time I didn't write. So today I won't write lots, I just wanna share pictures here.

Kelud Mountain, Kediri, eruption. 2014
everywhere were covered by volcanic dust.
Green tea Frosticino
Makes me feels good

Can heal my headache and makes life feels better

Need this ice coffee to cooling down my emotion


Morning sunset in Malang

My new hair cut (did it yesterday)

Aww.. he looks cute behind laptop

My new cat, named Micky
he look at camera

Happy of her 8th birthday
great shoot of my brother 

Let me be serious with my video on mom's phone

Unintentionally capture this pose

What you doing mom??

Hey both of you

Are you happy lil sister? Looks happy 

Got a chance to take pic with ladies

Here it is ! Her neighborhood friends
So happy birthday my little sister

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