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I was born on August 2nd 1991, and my granny named me "Prisca Aditya Putri". She said Prisca is one of queen here. I dont know why Aditya, but from some language Aditya means wise, and Putri is girl (no need to add putri actually). I am 23 this year, and if need to write my name in formal situation, I have to add more after Putri. It will be Prisca Aditya Putri, S.Si. it means I have completed my study in State University of Malang, got Bachelor of Science (mathematics). Why did I choose mathematics?? I have some reasons of it. first, daddy not let me to study far away from home.It's only 2 hours from home, and also daddy studied in that university too. Just a "proud of being that uni alumnus" reason. Second, I like mathematics since elementary school, so I think it gonna be fun to take that major (but I AM WRONG, WRONG!!!! mathematics so difficult course). If students says that mathematics is so difficult, that wasn't right if you're still in elementary school- high school. But your words will be so much right if you are take that course in university. so damn difficult. But I am done with it, although I need extra one semester, but I am done finally!!! Alhamdulilah :)

yay!!! abis sidang!(2014 January 7th a day after papi)

yay!! wisuda :D (8 Maret 2014)

I love to learn new easy things :D
what does it mean?? I love to learn language, I love to see the stars and I knew some of it, I love all about photography, I love to write, I love eating (oops... this isn't something that we have to learn :D). so.. eating already become my hobby, not a daily needed anymore haha. I love coffee.... AH!!! I love durian, that delicious fruit love it so much. I also love travelling. One of things that I wanna do really is traveling around the world. I wanna explore Indonesia. You know, there are lots of beautiful and amazing places here. Korea and Spain also become my destinations. I learn both languages. Spain sounds so sexy in my ears, Korea sound so unique. Then hmmm what else?? oh! I have big dreams. I wanna continue my study there. I am still thinking about what major I want to pursue. Not mathematics,but still in exact field. Hmm hope can find it soon.

hey... I am a big fans of moto gp :)

things that I hate??
I hate medicine, smoke, hypodermic needle, too romantic things,

I love my family for sure (mama papa papi mami dhea cimi and other fam), SCAL-Q (liwe, dora, big bottom), Autumn of Yosinbi (oppa, jinbi, sinhye) , W127 (rizka, novi, yoni, iba, intan, inez, mbak lita), FrontSummer (sopi, parul, desi, adi, ajes, tutut, rina, icha, yuli dobel, abi, and the rest of GH09). They always makes my day. No days without laughing because of FrontSummer. No days without joking with W127, always wonderful with them. Live become so meaningful with SCAL-Q and Autumn Yosinbi in my life. Also... only seeing my family smiling that's enough for me. And some other people of course :)

reason to come back home :)

reason to have a big dream :)

reason to keep spirit :)

reason to laugh every time :)

reason to throw away stress :)

(sorry for the rest, I havent save other pics yet)

maybe that's all about me, if wanna write more I will do that later :D

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