My best friend's wedding

11:34 PM

20 October 2014, is the most memorable day for my best friend. She got married that day. She got married with someone I know from middle high school. Yes they are. I cant even imagine why they both married? hahaha
but I know, both of them love each other. I can see that hehe

I help her prepare things for her wedding. Also company her before her wedding. Also be a witness when they do an "Ijab Kabul". I was so nervous, I can imagine how nervous they are. But finally they are a husband and wife. I really really happy you get married, even you are the youngest. But..... CONGRATULATION my beloved one.. I love you both. hope you be a great couple ever :)

Me dora and liwe

A day before Ijab Kabul. Status --> single  (19 Oct 2014)

 A few minutes before Ijab Kabul
This is Modern Kebaya with hijab, often use white Kebaya for Ijab Kabul.
status --> still single for last minutes

Kalo kita jalan bareng dengan  warna kayak gini nih, siap2 hormat ya. Merah putih siap hehehe

So she used Java traditional ceremony. It is called Dodotan ceremony. It doesnt take long time for the ceremony, maybe for 30 min. but the time that she spent to make her self like that about 2 hours (or more). So heavy on head, so glamorous, but so elegant and beautiful

Ohhh finally you be my brother hahaah
congratulation for both of you. May Allah bless all your next steps in life
Suami istri dunia akhirat. Aamiin :)

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