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I have really small ring. My mom gave it to me. Actually it was my uncles, then he gave to my mom then mom gave it to me. So it is mine now hehe.

I like this ring, so much. The smallest and slight that I ever wear. I just like it so much. Mom gave it to me when I was 6th grade of elementary school *if I am not wrong*. When my friends look at this, they always said "wow..it's very small. Dont loose it. It's so unique". So yeah they know this ring.

Then when in 3th grade of my middle school,  I lost it. I was looking for everywhere but cant find it. I was so sad... I really didnt remember where was my ring. A week later, a friend come to me with another friend and said, "this is yours right?", ohhh my.... Yes! That's mine! Then they returns my ring. If just fell in another class, and then my friend found it then she wore it for a week, until another friend knew it and told her that that ring is mine. Ohhhh I really thankful. I can find it and friends return it to me. They really good friends hehe

Until now I still wearing that favorite ring.  Will keep it well no mater what. Maybe I can give this to my kids later haha

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