Again, you come into my dream

12:36 AM

Grandpa, you dont know how much I miss you
I really miss you so so so much... Then you come into my dream. It was the second time after few weeks ago you come to me. First time you just look at me, smile to me with gloomy eyes. Second time, not really different from the first time. I still can see your gloomy eyes, you take pic with us but when the pic out, you were not there. I cant see you there.

What happen?
Maybe I just "too busy" with things and forget to pray for you. I am sorry... Everytime you come to me, it still make me feel so sorry and all I can do just pray and cry.

Grandpa do you know ? Now I am not easy to cry. Maybe when I was kid, I cry lots. Yeah because I was kid. Now, I become stronger. No more cry baby. It's not easy for me to cry. But still, I cry if remember about you whenever I think about you. Even in good and bad mood.

I know, I cant turn back the time.
I just feel sorry, and miss you so much

Grandpa do you know ? I got my bachelor already. Mathematicians. Haha can you imagine I become a mathematicians?? Even myself feel strange to be mathematicians hehehe

Grandpa do you know my little sister born 2 months after you leave us? Sometimes she looks like you. She is strong girl. She never know you, but every time look at your pics with us, she ask me who is that person. Then I told her about you. She is 7 years now, it just the same like you leave us. 7 years already. We call her Cimi. Oh yeah, she always getting nagged by grandma haha

Grandpa do you know that dhea wants to study in a great university? She really study hard now, in her high school. She could be smarter than me hehe. But she still thin like when she was kid. She is 17 now. People said sweet 17. She still cry baby. And she fight lot with Cimi. Maybe if you still here, you can see dhea run away from cimi because cimi wants to kiss her but dhea dont like it, then mami will nag both of them, or maybe you will nag mami because mami nag dhea and cimi hahaa.. I can imagine that..

Grandpa, do you know that I want to get married soon? I am looking for right person for me. A person that love me and whole family, a great man for me. I dont care for other as long as papa mama mami and both sisters like him, it will be so good.. Do you know that mami said to me "I want to see your kids before I getting older".

Grandpa do you still remember when you let me drive your motor even dad doesnt let me to drive? It was my first time, maybe when I was in 5th grade of elementary school.

Grandpa, I know you leave us already. I know you won't read what I've wrote here. I just pretend that you will read this. This is just I really miss you so much.

I will tell you more about us later. Ahhh... I am sleepy papi. It's 12.35am now. Gonna try to sleep now. I will tell you another stories later...

See you in dreams...
I love you grandpa, papi...

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