Students now

8:57 AM

I like to see students. I mean, I like to look at them when going to school, going home from school with friends, always joking around in public place, or waiting for some bus or other transportations. I like to see them. Remind me about my school time. Always stay with friends, going to school very early, and going home little bit late. Hahaha… feel don’t want to leave school and friends too early. When I was student, I always bring lots of book. Lot of thick books. Yeah, I was very diligent at that time hehe. So I bring all books from home to school. *only when I was student for 12 years, not in college. I was so lazy in college, just bring my lovely Sammy is enough heheheh*.

But look at students now, they always bring lots of books. No mater what. Those thick and heavy books. Thick, heavy, lots, hmmmm usually more than 4 or 5 books. I cant imagine how tired they are. Not enough to bring a backpack only, they always bring more bag. Ohh not really good for them, that will make them shorter and cant grow well hahaha.. one time I complain to my sisters why have to bring those books, all, feel like all books in books shelf are moved to her class, she just said “All students bring these books, there are  lot of classes today” then she left me. I think “not only today”, but “everyday”.

Oh, I don’t know what should I write here, just how poor they are. See their efforts, just hope that education here will be better.

*berasa tulisanku kok ngawur ya.. tulisan orang ngelindur heheeh… it’s ok it’s ok. Just write what you what to write*

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