Dreams will bring us to Korea #repost english ver

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Since I have dreams, I decide to work and continue my study in Korea. Maybe for some people, going to Korea is easy thing to do. But not for me and my friends. For us, Korea is a target in life. Since that time, my desirability to learn Korean become bigger and bigger. I feel so curious about Korean and try to challenge my self learn Korean autodidact. In short time, I can understand Korean characters without textbook or teacher. Korean characters always be considered by people here like box characters. Maybe because of the characters looks like symbols and different to differentiate with Japan or China.

Feel that not enough learn autodidact, we look for information about Korean course in Malang. Finally we found 2 courses near our house. But we have no enough money to learn Korean there, it is expensive enough for us at that time so we decide to not join that course. Few days later, one of us got information about Korean course in our campus, free. The teacher is Korean, Ahn Miyung, KOICA volunteer work in our campus. We call her at that time and ask to join her class. At first she doesn’t let us to join because they already go for 3 class meeting, so maybe she think that she have to teach us from beginning and that will be so hard. But we said that we already know Korean characters, so she say ok. And in class, we are much better than others. Others are give up one by one, but us. If there are new materials and we don’t know about that, we ask her directly, not in class. But in our free times. Her information and all about Korean language at least be one of our ways to korea. I always bring her book to my class and learn about that in my free time.

Our busy activity as college student cant make us give up to reach our dreams and learn Korean. Easy to learn korea because feel happy, serious and do with love. It’s been a year and she have to back to Korea. Unfortunately we have to say goodbye, but we promise that someday we will go to korea to meet her and work there, maybe study there.

Maybe for some people, our dreams are something difficult and impossible to reach. Believe in the power of dreams, because that will make our self to keep struggle and make it comes true. Believe, there is a way for true dreamers.

*even though now, still not accepted in one of university in Korea for my master program, I still believe in dreams and still try to make it true. There is a will, there is a way. That’s it! *

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