9:03 AM

I love educating. I love it. But I don’t want to be a teacher hehehe. I don’t know somehow I just think “what should I be? Teacher? Career woman? Businesswoman ? or good wife and mom?” hehehe.. I don’t know. Just hmmm I want to have a good career but still take care of family, husband and kids. When thinking about that, “ok I want to be a teacher”, in 10 minutes my mind will change and say “maybe good if I be businesswoman right? Businesswoman and still have enough time for family”. In 5minutes change again and say, “… I want to be a career woman, before I get married. Yeah, that what I want to do before marry someone. But wait! Maybe just career woman for a year, or 2 years. Then look for another job if married”. 20 minutes later, “why I always think that I will be happier being a good wife and mom? Maybe this is a good choice”. Yeahhh….. something that I always think hehehe…

Still have any dreams to reach, just try to do the best. But still, I want to be a good mom and wife and also have job (or something to do to make some money, even not much. This job is important to make my mind keep thinking). Oohhh Prisca…. Prisca….. lot of things to do and think

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