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#this is a repost from 2012 article in English version, in order to make Rob can understand my writings. Special request from him. Hope you can understand what I wrote here, Rob.  Enjoy reading :) #

First, this year I realize that I need him, name이혁재. I realize that I really love him. Then I also realize that I must finish my study in the middle of  2013 (but in this case I finish it on early 2014, 7th January ). And then, I remember about Yohan that consider me as his own sister and I consider him too as my brother. I also remember on my birthday, dina was so Angry and shut me out. I don’t know.  I don’t want to remember it again. Let the time heals everything.

In the same year, Reta also let us go. I don’t know who was the first doesn’t talk. I just, don’t want to think about it anymore (in this case, we already talk again). And then what happen next? My aunty, a bit crazy aunty insult me about my department of study, mathematics. She said, ”what will you be if you graduate from mathematics department. Useless”. Oohh her words was so disgusting somehow. Just let it be. She just jealous with me.  I will let her see me that I can, absolutely, to prove and make my dream comes true whatever my department. And what next? Hmmmm... I met Mahbub. He is math department student too, but different class. He comes into my life. And I help him to make his life better. No problem for me. helping someone who needs my help. And then...what next? 7th semester is the hard semester for me because I really make a lot of efforts in it. I hope the result will be good. But this semester really impress me (in this case, it the result really good and I satisfied with it).

Now I can feel the atmosphere of Mr. Muchtar’s English class which is so scary and Mrs Mimin’s class of basic natural science that can make me bored at class. I can feel the togetherness of my class, Math GH ’09. Getting older but makes us being a cohesive class. I also began to have little conflict with “him” that has been said close with a woman. But it doesn’t matter since my mind already full of my love to him than my anger.

My relationship with Adil are getting better in the end of 2012. End of year I always bothering Isa to do my Web programming task heheheh. Hmmmm my parents already give me a permission to have a special relationship with foreigner with one important condition “circumcised man” (in this case, this is important for islam peope). No problems for me hahah. This is a good sign for me to have a new serious relationship. But unfortunately, parents will only let me married at least 2015. Ohh I hope it can be changed If I already be with him.

And I feels like my dreams are getting closer, really. More and more getting closer. ahh I remember something that I really want to do from the deepest of my heart, Married!
Actually I had done many things in 2013 but I think that’s all. I cant tell it one by one clearly. Everything that had happened in 2012 will make me stronger to face 2013 and next. The biggest wish, hope God will give me easiness to makes my dreams comes true, and meet him, someone that I love. Aamiin.

Goodbye 2012, welcome 2013.

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