Jumat, 18 April 2014

Marry a foreigner

Mom told me that she wants to have foreigner son in law. I just laugh when heard that. She ask me if I have any relationship with someone after break up, maybe. And I said no, I don’t have any. She ask again, if there is no one likes me then. I just said that there are some, but don’t want to have it now. Then mom said that better I have foreigner husband, here is our conversation :

Mom : hey, don’t you want to marry foreigner? Maybe American, Australian, or whatever
me : hahaha.. mama wanna have foreigner son in law?
Mom : yes sure, you have many foreigner friends, why don’t you just marry one of them? Just choose the best one then.
Me      : what? Marry them?
Mom : why not? You told me that Australian lawyer wanna marry you, and who else, hmmm England pathologist too
me      : oh please, don’t talk about that pathologist now. Sometimes feels that he doesn’t have good manners.
Mom :  ok, who else now?
Me  :  mom, please.
mom : mom will approve you to marry foreigner as long as he is good person for you and family, he has good life too, and the most important thing is he can leads you in our way, Islam.
me : of course mom. Ok I will looking for someone good to marry hahaha
mom : ok, look for the best one haha

We just laughing when talk about this hhahaa. Like mom like daughter, haahaa



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