Granny wish

9:30 AM

Hmmm....I already finish my bachelor in Malang University. One of good university in Indonesia. I feel that this is one of my duties to finish what I do, finish my study in university. But I don’t know why, my granny was so happy to hear that I already finish them all. I don’t know. Such kind of proud maybe. But ok. Let say that I am her first granddaughter who already finish study in university. Maybe because of that.

August this year, I will be 23. I plan to get married in 23. Since I was in elementary school, I plan to marry on 23. But yeah, almost my 23, I still have a plan to continue my master program. I don’t know, it just happen like that. actually want to continue study after get married, but it suddenly happen I want to continue now. So, marriage plan are postponed. Fiuuhh

I don’t know why, suddenly my granny said to me that I have to looking for the right one to marry. Looking for someone good for me to be my husband. She said, “you have to find the right one to marry you. If you continue study, when will you get married? If you study in master program, maybe it need 2 or 3 years. And you can’t marry if you haven’t finish your study yet. So maybe you’ll marry when 26 or 27. I want to see you marry while I still have energy and health”. Ohh.... first, mom doesn’t give me permission to marry during studying. Second, I don’t want to marry late hahaha *maybe people think that 27 not too late to marry, but I dont know. just want to have 23 years age difference with kids hahaha.... I think of that now, this is the first time my granny talk to me seriously about marriage. I still think of it. And maybe time for me to marry, but I still have lots of things to do, to get, and to enjoy. But I want to marry too. Ahhhh ....

Almost all grandparents say the same like my granny does, ask to marry soon. Hmmmm....

Do I have to marry now?

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