An open minded person

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I was a shy person. When people ask me to speak in front of many people, I will get nervous so much, cant concentrate well, just be a terible person. But that was a long time ago. But now is different. I can stand in front of people, talk in front of them, and share many information to them. It is difficult for the first time. But I always try. I am not a person with no friends. Luckily I always have and know a lot of people arround me. #even shy, I have a lot of friends#.

I often join some competitions since elementary school, just like science and volley ball. You know, I am a volley ball player since elementary school, untill senior high school. Always be main player hahahaha. Be a volleyball player is something interesting for me. I met many kind of people, many types. And different problems each other, since people are unique. It makes me become an open minded person.

When i was in senior high school, I try to talk with foreigner. Through internet, chating, and video call, it was really open my mind. There are another way of thinking in this world. People are different each other. Really, makes me open my mind and of course gave me a lot of information to share. I love read books. I love read astronomy, pshycology, sexology, social and many more. I just love to share. After reading books and have some important things, I will share to others. Thats nice.

When I was in college, I met more more more types of people, and the problem become much different and harder. They always told me about their problems and ask me some suggestions. If I know how to solve their problems, i always give them some suggestions. I talk with foreigner a lot. Again and again, it is open my mind. I already become an open minded person. It is really fun to share and talk with an open minded person. But not all people arround me are open minded. Most of them are close minded, but my family. I just think that I am a lucky person that live with an open minded family. Since I become an open minded, I never judge what people do is "right" or "wrong" directly. Maybe for most of people that can be wrong, but I am sure that they have a reason.

Recently I teach private korean. Of course they are different each other. They are 11, 14, 21, 21, and 30. Their age are different, they have so much differences each other, they are unique, so the way I get them are different too each other. I know how to get closer with 11 y.o. How to get closer to the others too. It is easy for me now and fun.

Just try to be an open minded person, it will make you more and more relax and easy to face another big problems easily. Really.

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