The story of 3

9:11 PM

I have a nightmare. 2 days continuosly. Dream about the past but in future. I dont know exactly, dont know actually, just disturbing me so much. I hate it. I cant stand, then I text him and asked his condition. He was sick. I dont know why, everytime I had a nightmare about him, he always in bad condition. It just happen like that. I dont meant it. Really

Next story about him, someone who likes rain so much. He had a big trouble in his life. His motivator, I dont know who, he said “It’s over”. I dont really know actually about what he mean. I just try to guess. There are 2 possibilities. First, he couldnt stand with their condition anymore, so he want to finish it with her, eventhough he still in big love with her. Second, she will getting married with another man. Maybe. Just guess. Bcause he said that in a big trouble that he doesnt want (of course). So, maybe the second possibilities, maybe. Just hope that he doesnt forget about his commitment to start a new life. And i hope he will have a good life then 

Ok. Next about someone in my heart. What can I say?? I couldnt say anything. I just want to cry in his arm. In his hug. I need him to encourage me. I need it really. Sometimes, I wanna cry but cant. I really want to throw away all of my burden in heart. I want it. To see his face, to feel a hug in his arm, to feel the warmness of his lips when it touch my lips giving a soft kiss, feel something comfortable from him. I want it. Be honest, I cant stand anymore stay far away from him. I NEED HIM FOR REAL BESIDE ME IN MY LIFE, EVER AFTER. So that, I can life happily without having a burdens from past. Please..

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